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My goal for 2017 is “to reach more people, to impact more lives”
Let's talk about how you can have more peace and productivity in your workplace and home in the coming year.


The feedback I have received from my first book PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Work has been quite gratifying. When you order here you will receive the special price of $14.95 + $4.00 shipping, a $5.00 discount off Amazon's retail price.


Productive Outcomes provides a wide range of services and workshops. Our services include the following:


Conflict Prevention
Conflict Management:
Foundations for a Cooperative Workplace
Emotional Intelligence
Humor and Fun in the Workplace
And more...

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Employment Mediation/Arbitration
Ask us about Mediation/Arbitration
Conflict coaching and education
Life coaching

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Private sessions for individuals or groups
Seminars/workshops (open to the public)
Biblical or Secular Formats
Weekly column in Farmington Daily Times

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Productive Outcomes offers several workshop options including: Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Presentations, and Humor and Fun in the Workplace. We can also customize workshops to better fit your needs.

Foundations for a Cooperative Workplace

This workshop focuses on the influence of perceptions in determining how we deal with others. Participants will learn to suspend judgment, along with other helpful inter-personal skills. more.... It also covers the importance of making deposits versus withdrawals in their dealings with co-workers and others. And, lastly, it introduces participants to techniques designed to diffuse tense situations and avoid incidents of “road rage” or “going postal”.

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Conflict Management

How to avoid it when possible, and how to deal with it successfully when unavoidable. This workshop is based in part on the books Verbal Judo and Getting to Yes. It provides helpful tips on how to prevent people from pushing your buttons, or at least from getting their desired result. We also cover specific steps you can take to avoid adversarial relations and to bring disputes to a constructive and productive outcome. Wallflowers and bullies are both hindrances to an effective business – this workshop aims to minimize both.

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Emotional Intelligence

Why some really intelligent folks fail at life while some less than brilliant folks thrive. This workshop covers an exploration of the topic, a self-guided inventory to see where you measure up, and specific exercises to improve the overall EQ of the workplace. We also address specific reasons why EQ is essential to the bottom line and to successful business operations. This workshop is based on the bestselling book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman along with other valuable resources.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

"...entertaining and effective facilitator who kept us on track toward a productive evening."

Bob - City Manager

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