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A note from Ron Price, owner/operator of Productive Outcomes:

As owner/operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc. I help folks address difficult and challenging situations and empower them to find successful, satisfying solutions. I do this through four main areas.

The main focus of Productive Outcomes, Inc. has long been alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation. I have been a mediator with the 11th Judicial District Court in NW New Mexico since 1987. During that period I have helped numerous individuals resolve their differences in a peaceable and effective manner. Also, during that period I have completed over 400 hours of basic and advanced mediation training.

Disputes resolved through mediation are typically resolved forever. Mediation has been proven to be helpful in a wide variety of contexts, including disagreements within families or between divorcing spouses (especially if children are involved), among neighbors, co-workers, landlords and tenants, just to mention a few. Participation in mediation is voluntary as are any agreed upon resolutions. Mediation provides a time, and cost-effective alternative to courts and legal proceedings. It also provides the added benefit of improving, rather than deteriorating, the on-going relationship between the parties.

A second component of my practice is workshop facilitation and interpersonal skills training. Most CEO’s and business managers care deeply about their employees – beyond their ability to produce income or contribute to the bottom line. I have developed workshops that help people get along better with customers, clients, co-workers and family members. Participants in these workshops come away better equipped to deal with the stress of day-to-day life and to make reasoned decisions in the face of turmoil. I work with individuals, groups or businesses to provide training in negotiation, emotional intelligence, and other relationship-focused skills to help people function better together as a team. Please see the Workshops page for more details.

A third component of my practice at Productive Outcomes, Inc. is marriage coaching, education and enrichment. I am certified by PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) to provide seminars with Biblical and/or secular content. Both seminars are thoroughly research-based, and each provides couples with the knowledge and ability to have long-lasting, satisfying marriages. I also offer a video course on relationship building which features Michelle Weiner-Davis, best-selling author of Divorce Busting and the Divorce Remedy.

Marriage can be challenging, but with the right approach it can be tremendously rewarding and joyful. Some of the skills covered in the seminars include: effective communication, conflict management, expectations in marriage, problem-solving, and much, much more. I have been involved in marriage enrichment since 1999 and I very much enjoy seeing the positive results it provides. Along with the seminars, I also work with couples on an individual basis.

I write a weekly column in the Sunday edition of the Farmington Daily Times. This column, now in its fourth year, addresses various aspects of successful, healthy marriage. Many of the columns are guest written by local and national experts in the field of marriage enrichment

The final piece of the Productive Outcomes, Inc. puzzle is public speaking, master of ceremonies and meeting facilitation. I have been involved with  Toastmasters International on and off since 1996 and progressed to the level of Advanced Toastmaster Silver. Groups for whom I have been the keynote speaker include the New Mexico Department of Labor, the New Mexico Department of Health, the Bloomfield School District, and the Albuquerque Transit Department, among others. I have facilitated meetings for San Juan College, The Aztec Boys and Girls Club, and Navajo Ministries Inc. just to mention a few.


Full Bio of Ron Price, MA

Ron Price is the owner and operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc. As a part time mediator in San Juan County since 1987, Ron originally opened his business as Four Corners Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. in September of 1996. The name change to Productive Outcomes, Inc. was made to reflect aspects of Ron’s business other than alternative dispute resolution. Some of these aspects include: workshop facilitation, public speaking, master of ceremonies, and marriage education/enhancement/coaching.

Ron’s educational career began in Providence, Rhode Island, where he spent the first 25 years of his life. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1974 with a BA in Sociology. Having moved to Farmington in 1986 he commuted to the University of New Mexico from 1989 – 1993 and graduated with a Masters Degree in Counseling. In addition to his formal education Ron has also completed over 400 hours in continuing education, mostly in the fields of workshop facilitation, mediation, and marriage skills-building.

In 1997 Ron was invited to conduct a workshop in non-violent crisis intervention for the security staff at San Juan College. This led to a mutually beneficial relationship between him and the Business and Industry Training Center where he became certified to conduct workshops for Achieve Global and Franklin/Covey, (including the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Focus). Ron very much appreciates working with people and challenging them to see life through more productive eyes than they might presently be seeing.

A longtime member of Toastmasters International, Ron provides dynamic programs on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Principled Negotiation, Building Productive Relationships and others. Ron is happily married to Maridell Price, a recently retired registered nurse at San Juan Regional Medical Center. They have been married 35 years. He is a past president of the San Juan Rotary Club, current workshops committee member for the Four Corners Conference for Professional Development, and the current Executive Director of the Four Corners Coalition for Marriage & Family, Inc.